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Why buy Doggie Playsystems

Pacific Outdoor Products applies the same manufacturing techniques they use in their commercial playground equipment and StayFIT outdoor fitness equipment when building their super duty dog park equipment. As with everything we manufacture it is built to be used and abused!

Dog Park Agility EquipmentFor over 37 years, we have been designing and engineering outdoor equipment for kids and adults, now we are manufacturing the best dog park equipment available. If you’re looking for new dog park equipment, compare ours with all the others and you will see why we call ours “Super Duty”. Heavy steel welded and powder coated, not painted frames, stainless steel hardware, HDPE recycled textured poly surfaces that have a lifetime guarantee, and graffiti wipes right off! Plus, everything is built in the USA!

Doggie Playsystems equipment is a recreational line of dog park equipment that is based on dog agility components that promote climbing, crawling, weaving, jumping as well as bonding between dogs and their owners. Doggie Playsystems products are functional durable and made to last a lifetime.

Create a simple dog park play area by combining few pieces or go with a full-blown turnkey dog park by incorporating all of the available activities. Doggie Playsystems has the equipment to fit most any requirement and budget. All Doggie Playsystems equipment is designed to be fun and challenging for all breeds, abilities, sizes and confidence levels.

Doggie Playsystems is perfect for:

  • Apartments and condominiums
  • Community parks and home owner’s associations
  • City, county and state parks
  • Open spaces
  • Recreation centers
  • Anywhere people and their dogs gather.