Do the words “Dog Playground Equipment for Sale” sound like something you might see etched on a piece of cardboard and tacked to the telephone pole on your neighborhood street corner?  Not likely because dog playground equipment hasn’t really been “a thing” …until now.

Even though they are “man’s best friend”,  the poor little pooch has had to run around the yard with merely a bone or a ball in their mouth while their favorite little people climb, slide, and teeter up and down.  It’s time to put an end to this doggie discrimination!  Play yards for dogs are entering the 21st century.  Since digging up the flowers is no longer allowed, and hunting for chipmunks often ends in defeat, dog playground equipment is the next best thing.  It’s time we unleash the fun!

Dog Playground Equipment for sale by Pacific Outdoor Products.Welcome to the blog for dogs…

This blog is all about the joy of dogs.  We want to write about the things you and your dog care about most.  And yes, dog playground equipment is one of the many subjects we will discuss, because it is all about creating a fun environment for your dog, and it’s the new thing around town.

Dog parks are being built in cities – urban, suburb, and rural areas – all over the country.  We know that a busy dog is a happy dog, and their life and health literally depend on being active and getting exercise just like the rest of us.  These dog parks are a great place for our happy dogs to interact with other dogs…and also a great place for owners to meet other owners as well.  These simple, off-leash, gated areas are now starting to include a few “toys” like our doggie play systems which are making their play experience at the dog park that much more exciting.

As we visit the dog parks in our area, we will share these experiences with you.  We will let you know about the fun our dogs have had, and share the stories we hear from other dog owners, trainers, and veterinarians.  We may even be able to introduce you to those who have purchased dog playground equipment and share some doggy play in action.

As you can see, we are more than just a manufacturer of dog playground equipment.  We also own dogs and love them to pieces.  We hope these blogs for dogs and their owners will interest, entertain, and maybe even tempt you to get another dog… “But, they are so cute!”  Or find some dog playground equipment for sale and add that to your doggy’s haven.