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Dog agility training – not for competition

You know that stuck-inside, cabin-fever feeling you get during the winter months or when you need something more exciting to do?  I expect our dogs feel the same way sometimes.  They need fresh air, exercise, stimulation and interaction with their favorite person just as much as [...]

By |2020-11-10T22:20:07-08:00January 12th, 2018|Dog Ownership|

Training a dog

- 5 Simple steps for your puppy’s success. Getting a new puppy can be one of life’s greatest rewards, but training a that is one of life greatest challenges.  It’s wonderful to have a faithful companion who will run around the yard with you, play [...]

By |2020-11-10T22:19:18-08:00November 28th, 2017|Dog Ownership|

Dog playground equipment for sale

Do the words "Dog Playground Equipment for Sale" sound like something you might see etched on a piece of cardboard and tacked to the telephone pole on your neighborhood street corner?  Not likely because dog playground equipment hasn’t really been “a thing” …until now. Even though [...]

By |2020-11-10T22:16:00-08:00October 21st, 2017|Dog Park Equipment|
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