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New Business – New Pet

Starting your own business can be stressful, and having a new pet at the same time can make the process even more difficult. These responsibilities can interfere with each other, so it is important to make sure that each undertaking goes as smoothly as possible. Here [...]

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Find the Dog of Your Dreams

How to Find the Dog of Your Dreams and Create a Great Life Together Photo by Alicia Jones on Unsplash Adding a dog to your life is a big step, one you’re probably anticipating happily. To ensure those positive vibes continue as you and [...]

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Dog agility training – not for competition

You know that stuck-inside, cabin-fever feeling you get during the winter months or when you need something more exciting to do?  I expect our dogs feel the same way sometimes.  They need fresh air, exercise, stimulation and interaction with their favorite person just as much as [...]

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Training a dog

- 5 Simple steps for your puppy’s success. Getting a new puppy can be one of life’s greatest rewards, but training a that is one of life greatest challenges.  It’s wonderful to have a faithful companion who will run around the yard with you, play [...]

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