For some people, nothing compares to leaving behind the city skyline in exchange for the starry night sky of the great outdoors. Spending time with nature is ingrained in our DNA, just as it is with our canine friends. It’s no surprise then that people who love hitting the trails and camping under the stars often bring along their dogs.

If you know a dog lover who loves spending time outdoors, here are some great gift ideas that will rock their world, presented below by Doggie Playsystems.

It All Starts with Footwear

Anyone who spends their free time hiking — or any outdoor fitness — will tell you the importance of proper footwear to keep your feet warm and dry. If someone close to you spends every chance they get outdoors, then they probably already own a pair of boots that are showing signs of wear and tear. If your camper’s boots are looking a little thin, giving them a new pair is a knockout gift they won’t soon forget.

For bonus points, you should also consider finding a pair of booties for their dog. Taking long hikes up and down rough terrain can do a number on a dog’s paws. Gifting some booties will reduce the impact of long hikes on their feet and make them a happy camper, too. Lastly, consider investing in a cooling pad you can bring along during your adventure; this will help ensure that your pet has a nice, cool place to rest if the temperatures get a little too warm.

Keeping Warm on the Trail

Once night falls on the trail it can get pretty cold. Fully enclosed tents can’t even trap all the heat needed to keep campers warm in the wee hours of the morning. Anything that provides extra warmth will always be a welcome gift. Thermal blankets and sleeping bags will help ward off the cold at night, and there are even doggie-sized sleeping bags and blankets to keep them warm.

If your camper has plenty of blankets and sleeping bags, you can always give them a new insulated jacket or pair of gloves to help keep them warm while on the move. As you might’ve guessed, there is also a doggie equivalent you can give so they can match.

Getting the Perfect Gear

When hikers and campers pit themselves against mother nature, they need to be prepared for every situation. This calls for having the right gear for each hike and camping trip they take. As you shop for your camper, consider what kind of gaps they might have in their camping arsenal and try filling in what they need.

One of the biggest rules of camping is to avoid overpacking. The more you carry, the harder it can be to maneuver the trail. As you shop, look for items that don’t take up a lot of space. Collapsible cookware and multi-tools are great ways to save space. Be sure to include an extra bowl for their dog!

Getting Techy on the Trail

Thanks to recent advances in technology, more campers are enjoying safer experiences outdoors. The Earl survival tablet provides a GPS map, weather sensor, compass and walkie-talkie, all wrapped up in one device. For extra hi-tech traveling, there are a variety of  rugged dog collars that come equipped with a GPS tracker, so your camper never has to worry about losing their canine companion.

When it comes to camping, it’s always crucial to have the right gear, the proper footwear, and anything that can give someone’s outdoor adventure a little boost. The thoughtful acknowledgement of your loved one’s hobby and their four-legged friend is sure to get you bonus points and knock their socks off. Happy shopping!