You know that stuck-inside, cabin-fever feeling you get during the winter months or when you need something more exciting to do?  I expect our dogs feel the same way sometimes.  They need fresh air, exercise, stimulation and interaction with their favorite person just as much as we do.

Dog Agility Training - Ramp

A dog may tell us they are bored by whining, chewing, scratching or excessive barking, and we can help. I have an idea for those days when you and your dog are tired of looking at the same interior walls.  How about enrolling in a dog agility training class?

There are more and more places offering agility training for dogs who just want to interact with their owner and learn something new.  It is an owner/dog activity, so expect to get a little exercise and have a lot of fun.

Dog agility training is not just for show dogs

If you have always pictured dog agility training as just for show dogs, I’m here to tell you that it’s time for a paradigm shift.

Not all dogs (or owners) are interested in competitive agility training, but most all dogs will love playing on agility training equipment. Why?  Because it’s a part of who they are.  When they aren’t sniffing for critters, they are climbing, jumping, crawling, and learning new things.  They like to maneuver through tight spaces, hunt for hidden treasures, and balance on precarious surfaces.  Dogs also naturally want to please their owner.  Dog agility training lets them do all of this and more.

The purpose of dog agility training

Many of us feel like our dog is part human…and maybe they are.  After all, they love us and want to be loved, so I think that qualifies as related to humans in some way.  Although, I also realize they are quite different from us.  Healthy dogs have the ability to move quickly, twist, turn and jump much faster than most of us.  They are able to navigate slippery surfaces and areas where most of us would fall — even those of us who are very agile.  Even so, it is good for all dogs to practice these skills.  Dog agility equipment allows them to do just that.

Not all dog agility training is for competition.  Pacific Outdoor Product dog park equipment is designed for dog parks, but is very useful for teaching “tricks” and helping dogs learn agility techniques.  Most importantly, it’s fun for the dog and lets them do what dogs love to do.

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