“HI GOOGLE…What are the dog parks near me?”  (It’s time to test my new electronic gadget.)  What better way to entertain my dog, and get a little fresh air and exercise, than to visit a dog park  in the Seattle area.

To my surprise, the Google device responds and swiftly begins listing off an assortment or places I have never heard of before.

“All these dog parks are near me in Seattle?” I think to myself.  “Now what? — Where are they located?  How nice are they?  Are there any special accommodations to make the dog park a bit more fun?”

Now my new voice-activated disc can only do so much, so I have listed the dog parks again…for you… and with some information that I have learned about these places.

Dog parks near meI have been to some of the dog parks listed below, but not all.  What I do know is that Seattle is making it a priority to upgrade many of the dog parks near me in the Seattle area.  They have made plans and set aside money in their budget for 2018, and with the help of community input, they plan to renovate and improve many of the doggie play areas in our city.  I am so excited!

Seattle Parks & Recreation wants your input

In August 2017, Seattle Parks & Recreation approved a plan to upgrade and build new dog parks near me and you in the Seattle area.  Find out what they have planned.  Read the Seattle.gov People, Dogs, and Parks Strategic Plan.

If you think your pet would enjoy playing on any of the Doggie Playsystems Dog Park Equipment shown on this website, let the Seattle Parks & Recreation Department know your thoughts. They are asking for input.

Dog parks near me, in Seattle area:

1. Blue Dog Pond Off-Leash Area. Blue Dog Pond Off-Leash Area

Just south of Interstate-90, and not far from Lake Washington, this off-leash area is part grass and part gravel.  It’s simple and could use some doggie play equipment, but there is a bench to sit on while the dogs play and dirt trails nearby for a nice walk.

2. Denny Park Off-Leash Area

Right next to the Parks & Rec Dept.  This is a small fenced area in the middle of Seattle, but I don’t think the dogs will complain, but it would be nice if it had a few pieces of dog park equipment.

3. Dr. Jose Rizal Park Off-Leash Area

On the west side of Beacon Hill at the I-90 and I-5 interchange.  Here you can walk your dog can play while you enjoy a beautiful view of Seattle.  This dog park has a nice covered area for a picnic, small play area for children, and the grass is nicely maintained.

 4. Genesee Park Off-Leash Area

In the Columbia City neighborhood, which is south of I-90, with a portion of the parks on the shore of Lake Washington.  If heading that direction for SEAFAIR activities, it’s nice to know your dog will have a dog play area to run free.

5. Golden Gardens Off-Leash Area

This dog park is north of the Ballard Locks on Elliott Bay.  The view alone is worth the visit, but the park also has a nice beach with benches and fire pits.  The fenced dog park is mostly dirt with a large tree, but dogs can join their owners in the beach area.

6. I-5 Colonnade Off-Leash Area

Not your typical dog park, this one is under I-5, to the east of Lake Union and not far from Volunteer Park.  The off-leash dog area is next to an assortment of mountain bike obstacles courses – interesting entertainment for a spectator (dog and owner.)

7. Kinnear Park Off-Leash Area

At Elliott Ave and West Mercer, north of the Sculpture Park, and is a very small dog play area in a nicely wooded area.  From what others have said, this dog park provides clean-up bags, but could really use some dog park agility equipment to keep their interest.

8. Magnolia Manor Park Off-Leash Area

East of Discovery Park and south of the Ballard Locks, Magnolia Manor Off-leash Dog Park is a combination of gravel and woodchip areas with a few large logs for interest and nice covered benches for the dog owners.

9. Magnuson Park Off-Leash Area

Located right on Lake Washington, just north of the Univ. of WA. Campus.

Of all the dog parks near me that I have visited, I think Magnuson Dog Park is my favorite.  I love that it is so large with a long, wide waking trail and the best dogs-only beach and water play area I’ve ever seen.  Make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes and bring a towel for the car afterwards.  Dogs do get a bit dirty.  So much fun!

10. Northacres Park Off-Leash Area

Located next to I-5, North of Seattle (exit 174.)  This is a very pretty wooded park with water play and a playground for children, and nice trails and play area for dogs.  Plenty of greenery and areas for dog-sniffing. The park in maintained by volunteers, once a month, who spread ground covering and clean up the area.

11. Plymouth Pillars Off-Leash Area

Another dog park right in the middle of Seattle.  Next to I-5, between Pike and Pine, in the Capital Hill area.  It is a small fenced gravel area with some large boulders, but not much else.  Although not exactly a dog park near me, it does caters to those who live in the area.  Parking in the area is limited.

12. Regrade Park Off-Leash Area

Next to Bell St, between 2nd and 3rd St, this is the one dog park that had a ramp for dogs, a sculpture to climb, and plenty of places for owners to sit.  It is colorful and a nice inner-city dog park.

13. Westcrest Park Off-Leash Area

This is large dog park is south of Seattle and west of Hwy-509.  The dog play area is mostly gravel, but there is covered seating for owners, some cement pipe for dogs to crawl through, and plenty of trails and walkways.  This park is also knows for its view of Seattle from the south.

14.Woodland Park Off-Leash Area

To the east of Woodland Park Zoo and next to Green Lake is a gravel, fenced area with some natural wooded elements for dogs can explore.  The dog park is shaded and equipped with a water faucet and hose to fill dog bowls.


Share DoggiePlaysystem.com with the Seattle Parks & Recreation Department.  Your dog will love you for it!